Mint, Create & Buy NFT’s with daVinci Gallery on Harmony

NFTs created in 2 seconds.

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can mint/create NFTs with 2 seconds finality.

Artists can now mint/create NFT without environmental issues on the Harmony Protocol with:

  • 2 sec. transactions
  • Less than $0.000·001
  • More than 360 Artists
  • 115MM $ONE on sale.

NEW to Harmony?

If you are new to Harmony and wish to mint / purchase NFT’s you will require some coins and a wallet to do so.

Check out this guide on how to buy ONE and create a wallet with Harmony— Once you have coins in your wallet, continue..

When we arrive to the website we are presented with a slick looking design and statistics. Nice!

Artists can now mint/create NFT without environmental issues

Connecting Your Wallet

First things first — To start interacting with daVinci, we need to connect our wallet to the website to carry out transactions.

Click on connect and select the wallet you wish to use — For the purpose of this and previous guides, we will use the Harmony One Wallet.

Select you wallet

Choose your wallet and Click ‘Accept’

You can have as many addresses as you like in the wallet.

Your wallet will now be connected and this is illustrated in the account menu


Edit Your Profile

Click profile in the menu to go to the profile page. Here you can add information about yourself, art and an avatar to help potential buyers see what you are all about!

Fill out the details and include any external links and click ‘Save Profile’

Try to come up with something more unique than me.

Create a Collection (Or not)

In the navigation bar, click on ‘Create’

You will be taken to a page where you can create a collection or simply mint an NFT in the daVinci collections.

Choose collection

  • Create a new or pick one of your collections if you want your artworks to be grouped like Abstract paintings or Album songs.
  • Pick no collection if you want a stand-alone item that will be added to DaVinci collections
Get ready to mint

I am going to opt to create a new collection.

Click New then add an image and fill out the name & description.

Click Save Collection and you will be prompted to approve the transaction with the Harmony Wallet. This will add the collection to your ONE address.

Approve and be on your way to minting

Your new collection will be visible on the page.

Mint an NFT

Ok so now we are ready to mint our first NFT.

Choose the type of NFT you wish to create. I am choosing Image but it is possible to Mint:

  • Image
  • Music
  • Video
  • Book
  • Domain (coming soon!)
Choose your collectible

Upload the item and fill out the Name, Description and Tags

World class collaboration

You will then have to decide on:

  • Whether it is for sale or only to display
  • The price per item
  • How many copies of the collectible will be available and minted.
  • What royalties on future reselling you require
I will collect 10% for life on every secondary sale — Nice!

There are further options to unlock this once purchased, the ability to redeem other collectibles from external sites and to mark it as adult content to make it unavailable to minors.

This NFT is suitable for children.

Click Create and you will once again be prompted to confirm the Transcation in the Harmony Wallet.

Please do not post copyrighted material or you will get banned from the platform
Almost Done!

We can now click to see our new collectible NFT in Edit mode.

An NFT is born.

We can make any changes here if required but we want to have a link to share our new NFT and hopefully attract some interested buyers.

We can either go via the Collection link

Or via the ‘My Creations’ link in the profile menu.

This will take us to the page where the NFT’s are stored.

Exhibition imminent.

Because these are my own NFT’s, the view option is not available. To get the buy address, change ‘edit’ in the address bar to ‘view’

We are now on the page for purchasing the NFT and have a link to share with potential buyers.

If you want to buy a copy check this link (All proceeds go to the artists :P)

Tell the world about your NFT
Use any social media platform you can to advertise your NFT

Purchase an NFT

We have created an NFT collectible but what about buying them?

We have 3 sections available with NFT’s available

  • Artists
  • Galleries
  • Explore

Feel free to peruse these sections in the same way you would any online store :)

So much choice

For the purpose of this guide, I will purchase the NFT we made above using another wallet.

Connect to address you wish to purchase from to the site.

You may need to sign out first if changing address

Once connected, navigate to the NFT that you wish to purchase.

I will buy my family's art because I am bias and I love them.

You have the option to ‘BUY NOW’

If you are sure you want to purchase, click it!

You will be prompted to confirm the transaction but this time you will notice that the transaction amount is 10 ONE and not 0 because this time an art deal is being done!

I almost own a piece of NFT History
Success — Purchase is complete!

We can now click on the View token in my collection link and the NFT will be displayed alongside any other NFT’s that have been purchased.

I need to diversify my collection somewhat!

Click the image to view the NFT and you can also show the original image and download it by clicking the Original Image link and saving the image.

Download, Print and Frame, or not..



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