Harmony One Browser Extension Wallet — Buy, Stake & Claim Rewards Guide

  • Creating a ONE address
  • Transferring to the Harmony ONE Wallet
  • Staking with Harmony ONE validators
  • Collecting Rewards
  • Sending ONE back to Exchanges and converting to Fiat

Purchasing ONE coins

First of all we need to purchase some Harmony ONE coins from an exchange. It is up to you whom you choose but I have been with Binance.com for 4 years now and find them to be ideal for buying, holding and transferring coins.

Creating a ONE address with Harmony One Wallet

The Extension is available to install to Google Chrome

Click Add to Chrome
Add Extension
1 -Click install
You can choose to ‘pin’ the wallet to the extensions taskbar by clicking the pin!
You can have as many as you like but you will have lots of secrets to hide!
If you lose the seed and the wallet — You lose the coins.
Order is very important here.
Super fast setup — Like ONE super fast TX times.

Transferring to the Harmony One Wallet

For the next steps, I will be using my own wallet to transfer from Binance to the the Harmony One Wallet.

Binance facilitates many trades.
Fees are infinitesimal at 0.001 ONE.
USD conversion and more are available in the extension

Staking with Harmony ONE Validators

Now we will Stake our Harmony One coins and earn rewards at an average rate of 10-12% APR.

We will use the address we created earlier.
The address we want to use is inside the Harmony One Wallet
Click Sign In
Accept the Wallet we created earlier.
Validators give their time and expertise to secure the chain.
Disclaimer, this is my Node, It would be great if you delegate to me.
Enter the amount minus fees
The fee is so small I could not spend that in fiat!
You can see exactly where and what is available from this dashboard.
Click Next to continue..
Confirm and Sign to Open the Wallet
Enter Credentials and Approve
Wait 2 Seconds for the transaction to complete
Successful Withdrawal!

Convert back to Fiat ← Or save up 1000 ONE and compound them?

Auto Compounding of rewards is not a feature of delegation because Harmony gives YOU the freedom to decide.

Change money back to Fiat with Binance.

If you have received Harmony One coin to your wallet or have collected rewards from delegating, you will have to send the coins to an exchange like Binance to convert to Fiat and return to your bank account.

Read all the Warnings ⚠
As requested, this is sent from Shard 0


Harmony One Wallet Chrome Extension



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