Blits Wallet Buy, Stake & Claim Rewards With Harmony ONE Guide

Speed up login with fingerprint authentication
1, 2, 3 — stress free.
You can easily navigate between coins with a left / right swipe.
Click on settings -> Backup Mnemonic
This is the key to your wallet and coins
Do not lose it or share it with anyone!
You can laminate, engrave or use your imagination to store these 12 words.
Super secure at every step.
Check check, double check!
Keep it in a safe?

Transferring to the Blits Wallet

Binance facilitates many trades.
Fees are infinitesimal at 0.001 ONE.

Staking with Harmony ONE validators

Validators give their time to keep the chain secure.
Disclaimer, this is my Node, It would be great if you delegate to me.
There was a loading screen that disappeared so fast I could not screenshot it!
Here you can get information about your staking.
Click and Collect

Change money back to Fiat with Binance.

Read all the Warnings ⚠
Not bad for a days graft!
Super Fast and Super Cheap!




IT Professional :: Decentralised eEnthusiast :: Harmony ONE ::

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Maffaz.ONE | Validator

Maffaz.ONE | Validator

IT Professional :: Decentralised eEnthusiast :: Harmony ONE ::